10 Employee Engagement Ideas That Your Team Will Love

  • Jun 25, 2019

It's no surprise that employee engagement is at the top of HR Departments priorities. Employee turnover is expensive. Turnover can suck a company dry of its resources and finances. Ho do you reduce employee turnover and increase employee engagement?

We have come up with a list of ten ways to motivate and engage your workforce that should work for your company:


1. Create a New Hire Introduction Meeting

On an employees first day, schedule a luncheon with your entire team. This is a great "get to know you" session for everyone involved! 

2. Set up a birthday and work anniversary program

Acknowledging an employees birthday or work anniversary through a card of personalized gift can go a long way. Make sure to enter and track these dates in your CRM and run a report the month before so you have adequate time to plan. 

3. Schedule during work and after work events

Scheduling a game night, happy hour, dinner or time at a sporting event can help build relationships and increase sociability. 

4. Develop a Community Involvement Program

There are numerous charities that welcome corporate and work groups, including Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House. Have your team wear branded t-shirts so your organization also stands out and is recognizable. 

5. Send out inspirational messages or quotes each week

This is a simple way to get your staff motivated and can improve overall morale. 

6. Create Work-Life Balance

Create a workplace in which your team feels there is a good balance in all that they do. You don't want a staff that is afraid to approach management when life's inevitable situations arise. This is also a way to be able to recruit top talent. 

7. Get Rid of the Cubicles

In today's world we are immersed in a culture of socialization. Social media has made us more connected than ever before. This also relates to the landscape of your office. Taking down the walls increase collaboration and relationship-building. 

8. Implement a Wellness Program

Kevin Sheridan, New York Times best-selling Author of Building a Magnetic Culture, has helped some of the world’s largest corporations improve their culture and foster productive engagement.

When we asked him what companies should be doing better to improve workplace engagement, he offered us this wisdom:

employee engagement best practices“The bottom line is that anyone who knows about employee engagement is also a firm believer in instituting health and wellness programs. There have been multiple scientific studies proving that health and wellness efforts not only yield higher productivity and engagement in the workplace but will also help reduce turnover as job stress is the #1 reason people quit (along with a lack of work-life balance which is related to wellness as well).”

Source: https://www.snacknation.com/blog/employee-engagement-ideas/

9. Encourage Personal Growth

Hire a coach or speaker that offers team building exercises or seminars. Your staff will appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn and will walk away with a renewed sense of energy and better relationships with co-workers.


10. Offer Frequent Praise and Feedback

You hired your staff for a reason, didn't you? Well then let them know when a job is well-done or they've received compliments on their work or ideas from other staff or management.  A pat on the back goes a long way with employees, so be sure to let them know you appreciate their talent and what unique qualities they bring to the team! 

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