4 Ways to Stand Out at a Trade Show

  • Aug 20, 2019

Being recognized at a trade show can be difficult when you are surrounded by hundreds, something thousands of other vendors vying for the attention of the trade show attendees. There are a few key things that you can do to help increase your visibility and get more traffic to your booth. 

The following tips will get you the ROI you want at your next trade show or on-site event.

1. Market your booth

A great way to get people to your booth is to send out a mailer or email in advance with an incentive for attendees to visit. Have them present the mailer or have them show an email they received from you in order to receive a special booth gift. The item can be a low budget piece, but something that will entice people to visit.

2. Logo'd Apparel

Your booth staff should be adorned with branded apparel. Not only should the apparel be logo'd but it should also match your brand colors and message. There are a multitude of styles and options for both men and women, including: 

3. Displays and Signage

Booth displays and signage should be visible and easy to read from a far distance. Your company name should be in multiple places, making it easy for an attendee to know who you are and what you do. Your booth display is the first impression you give to your audience so make sure the graphics are bright, clear and eye catching. Things that are important to incorporate:

4. Incorporate a Charging Station at your booth where attendees can charge their phones, laptops and other devices. Adding a piece of furniture like a couch or chairs and tables, where visitors can get off their feet, relax, charge and rejuvenate will not only bring traffic, but appreciation! A few things to consider having available could be:


Wireless Chargers

Power Banks


Trade shows take a lot of planning, strategy and money to be successful. Using the above tips will ensure you are visible, memorable, and most importantly you gain sales from your booth!