5 Steps To a Successful Golf Event

  • Apr 30, 2019

There are many factors involved in pulling off a successful golf tournament or golf charity event. There are many details that need to be arranged far in advance of your tournament. By implementing these five steps below, you will ensure a successful event and that a fun time will be had by all! 


#1 Nurture a relationship with your potential golfers before the event

A first-rate way to build interest in your golf event is by building long-term relationships with your golfers. Provide potential participants with information on why they want to be involved in your event. Is your event charitable? If so, provide as much information about that charity, who the charity benefits and why they should be interested and invested in that cause. Create en email drip campaign 3-4 months before the event and provide as much information as possible about that charity so that they become invested emotionally and are drawn to the cause.


Email campagin


#2 Volunteers

Another important aspect of golfer interest is to develop a strong group of volunteers that are dedicated to getting your event planned, designed and off the ground. Use the strengths of each committee member and assign roles accordingly. Here are some important roles to assign to your volunteer committee:

  • Marketing
  • Door Prize Collection
  • Hole Sponsors
  • Parking Attendants
  • 50/50 Raffle Ticket Sales
  • Food Planning and Distribution

A strong volunteer committee is the lifeline to a noteworthy event! 


Golf Volunteers

#3 Plan far enough in advance and create an events/deadline calendar

Plan your golf event with plenty of time. Develop an events calendar and make sure your volunteer committee members are aware of any assigned deadlines and updates. It's a good idea to start sending event email reminders far in advance of the event.  It's important to plan in advance!   

Many times companies participate in numerous tournaments and events throughout the year so keep that in mind when choosing the date of your event.



#4 Implement contests and giveaways

In golf, it's all about having a good time on and off the course! But golfers also need an incentive to attend and return to your event year after year. Here are some top golf tournament contests with prizes for the top golfers you can implement to help drive sign ups and revenue:

  • Hole in one contest
  • Putting contest
  • Longest drive contest
  • Guess your distance contest
  • Shootouts
  • 50/50 Raffle


And don't miss out on passing out Swag Bags to all attendees as well! It's great way to provide your audience with merchandises that totes your brand and message


#5 Provide attendees with a remarkable golfing event experience

You want to start out by immediately grabbing your golfers attention. Make sure you are providing a wonderful food and drink experience the whole day through. Have snacks and drinks at designated holes or have volunteers passing around food and beverages from a golf cart. When planning your golf calendar, try and secure sponsors early on that are also interested in marketing themselves at your event, which will help cut down on costs. 

Make sure to also be including a live and silent auction at your tournament. These prizes can also be requested through sponsors and other local organizations that are interested in getting their name out there. It's a great, affordable way for businesses to market. 


Planning a successful golf event takes time, effort, dedicated volunteers and a desire to create a memorable experience. Hopefully these tips will help you get your next golf event off to a fantastic start! 



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