7 Essentials for an Unbeatable Tailgate!

  • May 21, 2019

Are you looking to take your parking lot party to the next level? Well, we have you covered with some awesome tailgating essentials that will be sure to keep the fun going and the crowd entertained.


1. Bring a Portable Grill

No tailgate is complete without food to grill. But to grill up those burgers and hot dogs you will need a handy portable grill. Portable grills provide convenience and are space savers, allowing you to cook up your food whenever and wherever! Note: don't forget the charcoal and handy grill lighter.

Portable Grill

2. Keep Your Drinks Cold in a Cooler

Let's be honest, no one likes warm soda or beer, right?  What is a cooler do? It keeps things cold! There are a number of amazing coolers on the market that keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, sometimes even longer! Brands like Yeti, Bison and Pelican rank at the top of the charts for ice retention, durability and capacity.


Pelican Cooler

3. The Ultimate BBQ Apron

Prove to the masses that you are the King of the Tailgate with an "all the essentials" BBQ Apron. A grilling apron will make anyone into a grill master, or at least look the part. These aprons usually include a full BBQ set, including, but not limited to a stainless steel serrated spatula with bottle opener, cooking fork and tongs all with metal loops.

After all, it's all in the presentation, right?! 

Grilling Apron

4. A Drink Koozie

What is the one item that is the true King of the tailgate? A drink koozie, of course! Koozies are made with materials that allow drinks to stay hot or cold. It's a great item to have while you're busy chatting or playing games and keeps your drink from getting un-drunk or glass bottles from breaking (no party fouls allowed)! Koozies these days come with tons of options like bottle openers, zippers, pockets and magnets to stick to a vehicle. 

Bottle Opener Koozie

5. A Folding Tailgate Table

A top-notch addition to any tailgate party or BBQ, these tables are compact, so they take up minimal space in your vehicle. Not to mention to awesomeness of the added features like drink pockets, an insulated cooler and storage pockets. Talk about being diverse! 

Tailgate Table6. Outdoor Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are a tailgate must-have. They are great for camping, sports events, tailgating and concerts. You can choose chairs with drink holders, side tables, umbrellas and foot rests to make sure your tailgate party crew can take a load off from time to time. 

Camping Chair

7. Tailgate Games

Gone are the days of only being able to play beer pong in the parking lot before your sporting event. Now there is Baggo, life-size Tic Taco Toe, Ladderball, Giant Jenga, Ring Toss and more! Nothing sets the mood to a great tailgate more than some amusing tailgate games. 

Sports fans or not, everyone enjoys a good pre-game tailgate. With these 7 tailgate essentials your parking lot party will be truly "unbeatable"!