Develop Brand Partnerships

  • Aug 25, 2022

Have you considered co-branding in your marketing strategy? What is co-branding or co-marketing? According to Sprout Social, co-marketing is a strategy that involves brands or organizations partnering to expand their reach. Typically, companies involved in co-marketing campaigns share common audiences or work within the same industry (but are not direct competitors). 


Co-branding allows your organization to partner with another local business or organization to get seen by a wider audience and build more awareness for both brands. When it comes to promotional products, using a co-branded approach is a great way to combine resources, budgets and customers that benefit both your businesses. 


On the other hand, it’s important to partner on your co-branding campaign with a partner that has a similar audience to yours. What are some examples?


  • Day Care Centers with Elementary Schools
  • Fitness Center and Chiropractor
  • Bank and Car Dealership
  • Realtor and Mortgage Company/Title Company
  • Home Improvement store and Remodeling Company


There are infinite possibilities to partner with local businesses to help boost your brand. When choosing the right promotional product when developing your co-branding partnership, there are a number of things to consider:


  1. Keep item colors neutral in order to not stray from each brand's color palette. Gray, White and Black are all neutral colors that should work for both brands, regardless of logo colors
  2. Choose items that have a large imprint area or allow for 2-sided imprinting. When choosing an item to co-brand, it’s important that each brand will be given ample room to spotlight their logo. Items like mugs, towels, bags and blankets are large and allow for ample room to add multiple logos. Each logo should be the same size on the chosen item. 
  3. Choose an item that appeals to both audiences. You want to make sure the product aligns with both of your target audiences before you make a final selection. To echo our statement above, this is why partnering with a complimentary brand will offer more results for both businesses. 


Co-branding a promotional product is an effective way to increase public attention of both brands, be seen in new markets, and create value for the brands, as well as the customer. If you are looking to get started on a co-branding campaign, let Andrew’s Promotional Group help you choose the best branded merchandise that will make your co-marketing campaign a success. Reach out to