Five Halloween Safety Tips for Our Little Ghouls and Goblins

  • Sep 30, 2019

Halloween is right around the corner and our little ghouls and goblins can't wait to get out, run amok and ring hundreds of doorbells to collect candy and trinkets. It's a night full of fun and festivities but for parents it's also important to keep our kids safe when out and about. Below are some important tips and items that will ensure the safety of your children while they are out enjoying their Halloween trick or treat escapades!

1. Trick or Treat With an Adult

Children younger than 12 should not go out unsupervised. If children are old enough to go trick or treating without supervision, they should go in groups and stay within familiar areas. 

2. Use reflective items

Use bags, glow sticks, stickers or add tape to costumes that is reflective and will help your child be seen after dark. 

3. Walk Using Caution

Children should be advised to only cross streets at corners and traffic signals and to use crosswalks. Sidewalks or paths should have be used when available. And of course, the age-old reminder of looking both ways before they cross the street!

4. NO Electronic devices

Both children and adults need to out the phones down and walk with their heads up. 

5. Be the Candy Police

Make sure to inspect all of the candy your child(ren) brings home. Discard any items that are not sealed and wrapped. 




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