Five Stand Out Ways To Thank Your Customers

  • Oct 15, 2019

The holidays are a common time for businesses to reflect on the successes we had during the year and to take time to thank your lifeline-your customers-for their loyalty and support.

Showing appreciation is truly one of the easiest ways to retain your client base, but yet so many companies fail to take the time to correctly and effectively thank their customer base.

Are you looking for a simple yet truly effective way to say thank you this holiday season? Here are five ways to reach out and make an impact:


1. Send a Handwritten Thank You Card- if you want to stand out against your competition, don't ignore the powerful impact that a handwritten thank you note can have. In a day and age of impersonal emails, a personally addressed note will be appreciated and unexpected. 


2. Personalized Gift- Is there anything like receiving a personalized gift? From tech items to kitchen goods; outdoor items to apparel, there are hundreds of options when it comes to sending your customer a gift. Adding your logo not only keeps you top of mind with your client but also increases brand awareness. Add a name or other personalized information for an ever bigger impact.

3. Send the Gift of Food- It's a simple fact that everyone loves food! Whether it be chocolate, meat or cheese, nothing says "thank you" like the gift of food, especially around the holidays.

4. Offer a Special Discount- Sending a discount or special offer is a cost-effective way to encourage your customers to come back and make repeat purchases. Although you want to be strategic about what type of discount of offer you extend, as you don't want customers only making purchases when discounts are offered. 

5. Highlight Your Customers- Publicly highlighting your customers is an amazing way to show them how much you appreciate their business. You can use different platforms like email and social media platforms to spotlight your clients, in turn also helping them gain exposure!