Five Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Business

  • Nov 10, 2020

Building a culture of expressing gratitude in your business is a great way to continuously appreciate your clients and staff. When your clients feel appreciated for their loyalty, they are more likely to keep supporting your business. Similarly, a simple show of gratitude to the staff who help with running your business makes them feel appreciated for their efforts.


If you are looking to express gratitude in your business, here are five great ways.


1. Send a gift to clients and staff


Sending a gift to clients and staff communicates that you care about their loyalty to your business. Tangible gifts also serve as souvenirs to your clients and staff, reminding them of the thoughtfulness that went into communicating appreciation.


With the upcoming holiday season, there are many gift ideas available. The holidays are also a great time to send gifts because people are in a festive mood. Adding personalization to gifts for clients or staff with whom you have developed close professional relationships, makes the experience even more personal and special. 


2. Recognize your Staff for their accomplishments


Your staff are invaluable in the process of running your business. Recognizing employees for accomplishments such as promotions or achieving challenging goals builds a culture of appreciating employees, which contributes to long-term employee satisfaction and retention. 


When your staff feel happy and satisfied, they are more likely to invest a lot of effort in doing their jobs the best way possible. Most employees would also love to stay and work at a business where there is a culture of expressing gratitude.


3. Tag your clients in social media posts to help them gain exposure


If you happen to have clients who own businesses that need more exposure, use social media to express gratitude for your clients’ patronage by promoting their businesses on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. By tagging your clients in social media posts, you are organically helping these clients grow their own businesses.


This show of client appreciation is also an expression of selflessness, especially if these clients have smaller businesses that need more exposure to gain customers.


4. Develop a customer loyalty program and an employee appreciation program


Another great way to express gratitude is by developing a customer loyalty program and an employee appreciation program. With these programs, you can develop different ways to show appreciate for both customers and employees on different occasions.


Get creative with these programs throughout the year! Find out what your customers would appreciate most. Is it a points program, a discount, a free gift with purchase? Take polls, and get your finger on the pulse of what excites your audience the most. For employees, what motivates them the most; maybe it's additional vacation time for a job well done, or being acknowledged at a company event. Remember one size does not have to fit all. What motivates one employee may not motivate another. Individualize your appreciation programs. 


5. Send a handwritten note


Handwritten notes are a classic and often underutilized way of showing appreciation. Sending a handwritten note communicates that you were thoughtful, and you put in effort in showing appreciation.


Reading a note in someone’s handwriting also adds a personal and warm feel to the note. In a digital age where most people type out notes via email or text, a handwritten note stands out for its more traditional feel.


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