Get Custom

  • Mar 9, 2021

It goes without saying that most forward-thinking companies today are looking for a totally unique marketing message - a way to stand out among the vast sea of competitors. Brand awareness takes time, effort and a great strategy. A powerful way to get your message and business noticed is by developing completely custom promotional products. One way to get an noticeable advantage is to use completely custom promotional products to promote your business. 

Custom capabilities can be anything from matching your brand colors to development of a completely unique promotional product - something that goes from concept to development to production. Custom products cannot be found on the thousands of warehouse shelves; these are items that are completely unique to YOUR brand. 

When considering developing a custom promotional product, some important factors to consider are:

1. Choose a product that speaks to your audience

2. What is the message you want to send?

3. Where will this item be given away and marketed? At events, trade shows, as gifts to client or employees, etc.? 

4. How long will this item be distributed; will this be for a seasonal promotion, a one-time special event or for a long-term period?

5. What is your budget? The more you can invest in the product, the better the quality, longevity as well as building a better portrayal of your brand. 


Sometimes choosing a product or coming up with a concept can be challenging. Here are some ideas and creative products that can be customed designed and developed.


1.    Apparel: apparel offers limitless techniques and decoration capabilities. From adding a private label, to full color dye-sublimation.

2.    Awards: from recognition awards, trophies and plaques, awards have evolved from boring brass and glass to fully customizable with materials like bamboo and stone. Awards can be designed with one specific person in mind or an entire audience.

3.    Displays: POP and trade show displays are a perfect way to express your unique brand message. These can be small and simple, or large and elaborately constructed.