How to Build Loyalty With Your Audience

  • Apr 12, 2021

Creating a dedicated brand audience is an essential component in growing your business and spreading the word about your organization. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most cost-effective and influential ways to gain traction in your business. Referrals can work magic for your business. But how do you gain that sort of traction?


Developing an effective loyalty program is a functional way to gain a loyal customer base. There are many options available when it comes to developing a loyalty program:


Customer Service

Nothing speaks louder than firm determination to put the customer first. Customer experiences are critical to growth. According to


  • 55% of people will pay more for a guaranteed good experience

  • 72% share a positive customer experience with 6 or more people


Providing a top-notch customer experience should be one of your top goals. To introduce the ultimate customer-centric movement practice active listening, train your staff extensively on your product or service line, use clear communication and admit when your organization makes mistakes. 


Institute a Loyalty/Reward Program

Loyalty and rewards programs compensate customers for spending money with your company. There are a variety of programs you can institute to help differentiate yourself and draw customers away from your competition:


  1. Punch Cards/Gift Cards

  2. Buy one, get one programs


Loyalty programs are a great way to make customers happy and coming back time and time again. These types of programs encourage customers to return to your company, continue purchasing and to try new and different products or services you offer. 



Gifts are a wonderful way to create a memorable customer experience. Not only is it polite, but it shows your gratitude that can help in boosting your business growth. These types of programs work better for business to business organizations. What types of occasions should you consider commemorating for your customers:




Thank you for your Business

Business Milestones

A new baby



Food gifts, flowers, gift boxes/sets, drinkware and comfort gifts are all items that show your clientele that you care about your relationship. It reinforces that they are top-of-mind throughout the year. 


VIP Events

Did you know that it’s five to twenty-five times cheaper to keep a customer than to try and gain a new one? Repeat customers are vital to the long-term success of your company. They are at the heart of your revenue.


Creating VIP events are a great tool that keeps these important customers feeling valued. Whether these are online or in-person an “invite only” event proves to the customer that their business means a lot to you. What are some options for VIP events:


  1. In-house parties

  2. Private sporting events (suites at professional events)

  3. Golf events

  4. Rent out a restaurant for an evening


Whatever you choose to do, make sure the event fits the audience. Know who they are; their likes and dislikes, even what time of day would work best for them. 


Developing a loyalty program allows you a chance to deepen your relationships with your customers. Rewarding customers for their relationship with you maintains and strengthens their loyalty to your brand, increases referrals and institutes growth. However you choose to reward your customers, make sure it is a memorable, pleasant experience.

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