Is Covering Your Webcam Important?

  • Feb 23, 2021

Like it or not, we live in an era of hackers. From bank accounts to websites, hackers have disrupted lives and businesses by accessing people's private data. Did you know that hackers can also access your webcam? It's a pretty creepy thought to think that a random stranger can hack into your devices and watch what you are doing in your home or while you're out and about. 

Although you might have security loaded onto your laptop, tablet or smartphone, hackers have still navigated past those security measures and violated the privacy of millions. How can you avoid allowing these trolls from seeing your activities? Webcam covers. A webcam covers blocks the camera lens on your devices, from laptops to smartphones, tablets and more, webcam covers can be placed over the lens of your devices to stop hackers from watching you. Webcam covers are easy to use and budget-friendly. They adhere to your devices with a removable adhesive and can slide open and shut so you can easily slide them over when you need to use your camera for an online meeting or video call. 

What type of covers are available?













Smart TV




Gaming Systems




For total protection and peace of mind Andrew's Promotional Group provides some of the the best webcam cover solutions on the market. We also have USB Data Blockers which are essential for everyone with a smart device. Don’t get “juice jacked” and share your data with thieves.  USB Data Blockers allow your device to charge quickly and efficiently without providing any access to your precious and most private data. (source


Data Blockers: here is a tutorial on how a data blocker protects your phone or tablet from any unauthorized access or data transfer. 




At Andrew's, all of our security products provide you and your team with safety and strong brand messaging. Do your self a favor and invest in webcam covers for peace of mind for your organization. You'll be glad you did! 



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