June is National Great Outdoors Month

  • May 26, 2020

June is National Great Outdoors Month. This month is a reminder to enjoy the beauty, wildlife, parks and lakes that the United States has to offer. Maybe you'll spend it camping with friends or family, out on a bike ride, or on the water in a boat or kayak. Regardless of how you choose to take in all our country has to offer, make sure you set aside some time to enjoy the outdoors and nature this June.

We have complied a few of our favorite ways to take in the natural scenery across the nation, or in your backyard.

1. Camping

Did you know that camping helps improve your mood by releasing serotonin? Sunlight, increased oxygen and increased physical activity all naturally boost serotonin in your body. In addition to being a mood booster, camping allows for more socialization and connection through allowing us to disconnect from society, the internet and other variables that put a barrier between our family and friends. The fun thing about camping is that you can enjoy it in a state park or set up your tent in your own backyard! (Did you know June is also National Camping Month)?

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2. Biking

Let's be honest, there are come places paved roads won't take you. Biking allows you to see parts of the landscape that you might miss through a car window. Many parks have paved and unpaved trails specifically meant for bikers to get out and hit the trails. In addition to allowing you to take in amazing scenery, biking promotes weight loss, mental health, increased lung health and builds muscle. Don't forget to hydrate with a bike bottle while out! 

3. Boating and Water Activities

There are an abundance of ways to get out on the water during National Great Outdoors month. What are just a few? How about a boat or sailboat, kayak, paddleboard or boat, rafting, fishing or parasailing to name only a few! Water activities allow us to leave our hectic lifestyles behind and just have a little fun. Getting out on the water helps us engage in physical activity and is a valuable tool for the body and soul. Just don't forget the sunscreen! 

4. Fishing

What better way to relax on the water than at your favorite fishing hole? The great thing about fishing is that it can be done in the ocean, lake, pond or stream. Bring your bait, chair, tackle box and cooler and you can sit patiently all day, in solitude, waiting for the fish to bite. Or even better, schedule a charter with a professional, grab a group of your fishing buddies and get ready to catch the big one! 

Whatever outdoor activity you choose to participate in during National Great Outdoors Month, let our team at Andrew's Promotional Group provide you with branded options to stay safe, cool and enjoy your summer activities! Contact us today and let us help provide the outdoor gear you need this summer.  


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