Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Campaign with Promotional Products

  • Apr 21, 2022


Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Campaign with Promotional Products


Although digital marketing has seemed to take the top spot when it comes to marketing these days, direct mail can still give your small business a great return on investment, if you have the right strategy and ideas behind the campaign. Direct mail allows for some impressive targeting opportunities. You can target homes and businesses by income level, family size, zip code and a number of other specifications. Direct Mail really allows you to narrow down your recipients through very targeted data. 


Aside from having an eye-catching postcard design, what can your business do to make sure that your time, effort and money spent on your direct mail campaign doesn’t get tossed in the trash? 


Add a promotional product! 


There are many items you can include in a direct mail campaign that won’t cost you a ton of money, and in some cases, won’t cost you anything additional in postage! You will need to make sure the item you choose is light and can lay flat on a postcard or in a mailer.


Here are some great ideas that you can include in a promotional direct mail campaign:


  1. Microfiber Cloth

  2. Keychain

  3. Rubber Jar Opener

  4. Can Cooler

  5. Webcam Cover

  6. Magnet

  7. Coaster

  8. Sticker or Decal

  9. Button or Lapel Pin

  10. Gum or Mints

  11. Cooling Towel

  12. Small Flashlight

  13. Writing Instrument

  14. Post It Notes or Small Adhesive Calendar

  15. Nail File

  16. Tissue or Hand Sanitizer Wipes Packet

  17. Seed Packet

  18. Mouse Pad

  19. Phone Wallet