National Thank You Card Day is December 26th

  • Dec 21, 2020

In today's world, it is more important than ever to show your gratitude and appreciation to your customers/clients. You may get many thank you's from your customers for the goods and services you provide, however, in building long-lasting relationships with customers both individually and as a collective, it is crucial to recognize that your customers are your livelihood. 

National Thank You Note Day is December 26, around a month after Thanksgiving, the holiday meant to remind you of the things you're most grateful for in life, and this article will examine how this thankful spirit should to be extended to your customers. This day gives your business a great opportunity to show your customers the value they bring to your business. 



One of the most important aspects of marketing and commerce is keeping your customers and clients around. To maximize efficiency and profit, you really do need a stream of "regulars", to borrow a restaurant industry term, to stick around and keep feeding capital into your business. Whether that capital is investments or just paying for goods and services, customer appreciation is critical. Sending thank you notes to customers, or otherwise expressing gratitude to the customer, is important to start that relationship.


People like to feel needed and wanted in life. I'm sure you can attest to that, as can we. While it may be a small favor, expressing this desire for the customer's business can go a long way in starting and maintaining a healthy business-customer relationship.


Public Image

PR is an important component to many businesses. Customer retention and public image go hand in hand, after all. Expressing gratitude to customers and clients only enhances your public image, by displaying you and your business's management team as a caring and empathetic enterprise; an organization that is truly vested in their customer base.  Showing appreciation for customers comes off as a fantastic measure of social responsibility, and a desire to not just make money, but create value for the customers and market.

In today's digital age, much of the feedback your company receives may be through social media, Google or Yelp reviews. If a customer takes time to leave you feedback, whether it be positive or negative, be sure to take the time to respond to that feedback.  But what if you went the extra mile by not only responding to an online review, but also taking the time to send that person a handwritten note? Your business will almost always be seen in a positive light. 


Writing thank-you notes or even just thanking customers walk-in customers for their service is imperative to maintaining both a strong business-customer relationship and a resilient public image, attracting--and keeping--more and more customers, clients, and investors.

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