Planning a Virtual Trade Show

  • May 5, 2020

Virtual trade shows are becoming increasingly popular with safer at home restrictions in place across much of the country. It is unknown when we will be able to gather in large group settings for the foreseeable future, which will have a major impact on businesses that rely on trade show traffic in order to market and get visibility for their product or service.

Rather than cancel your trade show and risk not getting your product in front of a wide audience, a virtual trade show is a great way to reach your audience virtually. In fact, virtual trade shows are easier to attend for most, as they don't require time-consuming and expensive travel.

If planning a virtual trade show, it will be important to keep these key factors in mind:


1. Develop a planning committee

In order to pull off a successful online event, it is important to pull in key team members to help you plan. Each team member should have differing expertise in implementing technology, timeline planning, marketing and sales.

2. Registration

Even though foot traffic will not be a factor with an online trade show or online event, it's still important to obtain attendee information in order to send information, timelines and registration info. This data should also be used to follow up with trade show attendees after the event is over. 

3. Plan Quality Content

Make sure your marketing includes straight forward information on why someone would want to attend your virtual trade show. How will they benefit and what value and resources will they walk away with? Will there be industry experts and guest speakers? What about opportunities to network with other attendees or schedule one-on-one time with specific vendors? Clearly outline what will be presented, how it will be presented and what attendees will gain by attending. 

4. Set Goals

What do you hope to accomplish by implementing an online event? Are you looking to develop leads, deepen relationships with current customers or vendors? Setting a goal with measurable results will help you establish a clear vision and focus for your virtual event. 


Trade shows have always and will continue to be an amazing way to showcase your service, product or business. They provide you a way to showcase your brand to a large and diverse group of people. As the business landscape continues to change, virtual trade shows and online events will become increasingly more popular and a more efficient and economical way to market to an online audience. Be sure you have a plan in place in order to stay in the with the new and increasing online trade show market. 

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