Remote Teams: 7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

  • Oct 13, 2020

Remote Teams: 7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement


Managing a remote team may sound difficult at first, but you will easily be able to keep your employees engaged and motivated with the right techniques. Here are some suggestions for increasing engagement when your employees are working remotely.

Encourage wellness/health

Good health is important for a good work ethic. If you want to make sure that your employees are motivated and energetic, you should start by making sure that they are taking care of themselves. Check in to make sure that your team is not feeling too stressed and that they have been getting enough sleep. If you really want your employees to be healthy, consider starting a virtual wellness program.

Host virtual hangouts/happy hours

Employees typically work extra hard when they feel like their coworkers and bosses care about them. Although remote bonding activities cannot include popular activities like escape rooms or hiking trips, you can still keep your employees entertained with virtual hangouts and happy hours. This will help employees get to know each other and improve communication within the remote team.

Stay in touch regularly

If you are not seeing your team in person, it will be important to stay in touch with them to make sure that you are on the same page. Be sure to check in with employees through emails, personal phone calls and DMs to avoid confusion and keep your employee engagement as high as it can be.

Send employee appreciation gifts

Gifts are a great way to show your employees that you care about them. No one likes to feel like they are working hard for no reward, so a few little gifts here and there will make employees feel appreciated. Something as small as a mug or candle can go a long way and make employees feel respected and important.

Be clear with communication

Clear communication is crucial for any workplace in any industry. When you are working remotely, it can be harder to communicate clearly because of technical difficulties or distractions. Be sure to be as straightforward as possible when giving employees directions and encourage them to ask questions if they need any help at all or seem confused.

Encourage collaboration with teammates

Working alone at home all the time can get boring, so try to find ways to encourage your employees to work together when they can. Since you will not be in an environment where you will see each other in person every day, ask your team to exchange phone numbers, emails and other contact information so that they will be able to get in touch with each other. You can also consider a virtual team building activity to make your employees feel more comfortable working together remotely. Successful group work will increase efficiency and effectiveness within your remote team.

Be open to suggestions

A happy team is typically a productive team. Working remotely may be a big adjustment for your team, so see what you can do to make keep your employees happy. Ask them how they feel about the current situation and see if there are any other virtual events or activities that might interest your team. Make sure that they are comfortable with any software you are using and understand their assignments. Consider a virtual suggestion box or survey to see if there is anything else that would help your employees feel more motivated.

Follow these tips for an efficient and effective remote team. With the right techniques, your employees will be even more motivated and engaged remotely then they would be in an in-person workplace.

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