Showing Support for Breast Cancer Awareness in the Workplace

  • Sep 12, 2022

Each October, we bring light to a disease that kills up to 41,000 women each year. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Your organization can make a positive impact and awareness to a disease that affects so man women. Here a a number of ways your office or organization can help raise awareness:


1. Wear Pink

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, have your team wear pink gear at the office. Wearing pinks shows that you are supporting everyone that has been impacted by breast cancer. These can be special shorts you order for the team, or asking people to comb through their closets for pink apparel they already own. 


man in pink tshirt

2. Distribute Awareness Bracelets

Show your dedication to the fight with a long-lasting item that will stay in sight. Perfect for walks, marathons, or charity events. Have them customized with your company name and logo for a promotional souvenir that will spread awareness for the cause all year around. 


awareness bracelet

3. Distribute Awareness Ribbons

At the beginning of October, distribute pink awareness ribbons to everyone in the office. Even if you have a remote team, encourage your employees to wear them on video calls and in their home offices daily, as a reminder of the importance of regular screenings. 


awareness ribbon pin

4. Create an Awareness Banner

Place a banner of support in any are that has high traffic; this could be outside of your building or displayed in a sporting stadium or roadways and bridges that  are in viewable areas. To make it personal, add the names of local women who are currently fighting breast cancer in your community. 

supporting survivors

5. Organize a Company Walk or Run Event

Build your company camaraderie through organizing a company sponsored walk or run. This could be exclusive to your staff, or you can organize a local, community event in which you raise funds for local breast cancer support groups or organizations that fund breast caner research like the Susan G. Komen foundation.  


breast cancer walk and run


No matter which way you choose to bring awareness within your organization during breast cancer awareness month, it's important to to promote awareness about this disease that kills thousands of women each year. This is a time that your company can show support and also encourage regular checks and healthy habits. 

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