Three Top Employee Onboarding Gifts

  • Feb 4, 2020

When a new hire is made, it's an exciting time for both the company and new employee. Bringing on a new team member should be a strategic and memorable event for everyone involved. The impression you give during your employee onboarding process can mean the difference between a long-term relationship or a quick turnover. If you are looking for ideas to stand out and recruit and retain top talent, here are some awesome ideas to create a lasting impression and help them feel like part of the team right off the bat! 


1. Tech Bundle

Create a super sweet bundle of the latest and greatest tech products. This can include a bag with a Bluetooth speaker, USB drive, earbuds or headphones, a powerbank or cell phone accessories. These bundles offer a little bit of everything that everyone will get a lot of use from. Stand out even more with full color graphics, or add a name to each item for an even more personal touch. 


Tech Welcome Kit


2. Drinkware Set

Drinkware is probably one of the most appreciated and used employee welcome gifts. Whether it's a mug that stays on a desk, or a travel tumbler that comes and goes with the employee, you can't go wrong with drinkware. Options include ceramic mugs, insulated stainless steel tumblers, reusable water bottles, sports bottles or even wine or beer sets to take home and can be used on the weekends. 

Hampton Drinkware Gift Set

3. Desk Accessories/Desk Set

Supplies, writing instruments, business cards, tech items or pads of paper can all be stored to help organize desk and office areas. Desk organizers can help create a one-of-a-kind and welcoming workspace. Organizers help maintain a sense of semblance and can also include other branded gifts tucked inside!

After you've chosen the perfect items for your employee onboarding gift sets, don't forget to include a personal note and welcome packet from your team welcoming the new hire to your organization. Have each team write a personal welcome message and include something that they love about the company. An onboarding manual communicating your company's mission, vision, values and culture should be included. 

Looking for unique ideas for your new hire gift sets? Our team an Andrew's prides ourselves on creating the most memorable gift sets, curated specifically with you and your company in mind. Contact us so we can help you with the best employee onboarding gift ideas! 


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