Top 7 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Oct 29, 2019

The age old corporate holiday dilemma: what gifts to give your clients this year? And let's not use the "F" word....FRUITCAKE! 

A corporate gift should be in line with your brand, your message and of course, your budget. Whether you want to choose gifts on an individual basis or purchase gifts on a larger scale, there are many unique options out there. The main factors you want to consider are these: Is the gift something that will be valued, is usable and is it something you'd be happy to receive if someone sent the same thing to YOU? We've got some great ideas that are just that! 

Take a look! 


1. Tech Gifts: Tech gifts are one of the best corporate gifts you can give? Why? Because everyone uses technology these days. Whether it's a Bluetooth speaker, headphones or a charger, tech items are one of the most well-received gifts. 

Bee Bop Headphones

2. Food Gifts/Baskets: Who doesn't like food, and even more so, who doesn't like getting food as a gift during Christmas? Gift baskets are available filled with taste sensations for every palate and can include anything from chocolate, cookies, cheese, crackers and sausage. 

Cozy Chic Tote

3. Blankets: If you want to give a comfortable and cozy gift that will be sure to be used for years, then blankets are your answer! Blankets are not only one of the most useful gifts you can give, they also have one of the largest imprint areas so you can be sure to have your log front and center. 

Sherpa Blanket

4. Apparel: When the weather turns cooler, there's nothing more comforting than throwing on your favorite hoodie and snuggling up with a cozy blanket. With literally thousand of styles and colors to choose from, apparel makes an ideal holiday gift. 

District Lightweight Fleece Hoodie

5. Housewares: Why not do something a little out of the ordinary? Corporate gifts don't have to just be for the office. Items like cutting boards, cheese sets, wine sets and coasters are something to consider that offers a unique alternative to the standard holiday gifts. 

Bamboo & Slate Charcuterie Cutting Board

6. Drinkware Sets: The gift of drinkware is a great gift! Not only do drinkware sets allow for many attractive decoration options, they help the environment by eliminating plastic waste. Sets can be for hot or cold items so they can be used year-round. 

20 Oz. Two-Tone Himalayan Tumbler Gift Set

7. Bags: One of the most useful items, as well as a product that gets the most impressions, a bag is is an extremely useful item and has a high perceived value. Styles range from duffels, messenger, totes, backpacks and more. 

Finley Mill Pack