Top 7 Things to Watch Out for When Buying Decorated Clothing

  • Apr 3, 2018

The process of buying embroidered or other decorated clothing for your company can be overwhelming and stressful. We put together a few of our best lessons on how to make sure everyone loves their new company gear.


 1. Work with experienced digitizers

There are many places online that will digitize your logo very cheaply or even free, but the quality is likely very low, and this will result in poor embroidery on the final product. Below are 2 versions of the embroidered logo of one of our clients. The first version is from an online supplier that will digitize your logo for free when you place an order. After spending a lot of money on hats with low quality embroidery, they came to us. The 2nd image is the version our digitizer made. When the quality of your brand is at stake, it doesn't pay to cut corners.Digitizing Comparison

2. Beware of high Spandex content

Lots of clothing on the market these days has a fairly high spandex content, which gives it a stretchy, comfortable fit. However, be cautions when embroidering a shirt with too much spandex as this can lead to puckering of the material around the decoration area after the garment has been washed.


3. Remember the waterproofing

When embroidering jackets or other waterproof items, they must be specially treated in order to retain the water proofing after embroidery is complete.


4. Decoration locations - get creative!

There are many options when deciding where to place your logo on the garment. In fact, there are over 39 unique locations to put embroidery on a shirt. This can allow you to create something that really stands out from your competition. Click here to see all the embroidery location options on a shirt.

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