Why Are Brand Boxes So Popular?

  • May 12, 2021

You have seen them everywhere: brand boxes and subscription boxes; everyone is on board....and for good reason! Are you curious as to why companies love this box trend and what is so special about it? 

Well, keep reading and we'll share with you why:


1. Retail Packaging: the first thing a recipient will see is the packaging it comes in. You can choose options that are completely custom, based on your preferences. Whether it's a simple decal, or a full-bleed design, the packaging leaves the first impression. You can choose kraft boxes, canisters or flat mailers. Many of these boxes also have the option to have custom inserts created so that the products fit snugly in place and present while when being opened. You can even choose a custom shaped box. Are you a realtor? Choose a box shaped like a house. Work in travel? Send a box that looks like a suitcase. The options to customize are endless and the more creative you get, the more your brand stands out. 

2. Personalization: Nothing speaks louder than personalization. It shows respect, recognition and develops a deeper connection. There is power in using a name. But when you're not in person and you can't address someone personally and directly, how can you make the experience more intimate? By imprinting your recipients name through variable data programs. Variable data allows you to completely personalize an experience. What kind of information can you use for your brand box program to make sure you are manifesting the importance of an individual?

  • Name
  • Anniversary Date
  • Exact Birth Date
  • City or State
  • Event name

You can literally choose to add any type of data you choose to a mailer, a product or a personalized card or note with your brand box. Talk about standing out among the crowd!

3. Products: You've heard the phrase "it's what's on the inside that matters", well this is 100% true when it comes to choosing the items inside your brand box. Brand boxes provide your organization a wide variety of product options. What you choose to include inside is based on your initiative and who it is for. You don't have to choose a one size fits all option when it comes to these corporate gifts. From food to fitness, your products should acknowledge someone's personal accomplishments, milestones and preferences. What are some product categories you can include in each box?

  • Food gifts
  • Cocktail Hour
  • New Home
  • Tech
  • Apparel

Each of these items also allow for additional branding opportunities to get your logo and messaging shown.

In addition to the "what" should be included, the "why" is also an important factor in what types of things should be acknowledged:

  • Thank You: thank a new client or an employee for a job well done
  • Welcome Aboard: new employee welcome gifts
  • Work Anniversary
  • Good Luck
  • Retirement
  • New Baby
  • Marriage

Whatever road you choose to take with your corporate brand box program, the strategy behind it is what will make this an unforgettable experience for your recipient. If you want a superior brand box experience, reach out to our team and we will help strategize with you on your corporate boxing program. Let us help you tap into your needs and develop a creative and unique unboxing experience for your company! Reach out: customerservice@andrewsinc.com


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