Simple Ways to Gift Apparel: Our Convenient Pop Up Shop Tool

  • Aug 4, 2023

Andrews offers simple ways to gift brand name, company apparel and custom, sustainable clothing using our online pop up shops; perfect for brand ambassadors!

Finding the perfect gifts can be a challenge, especially when it comes to sizing. We all want to avoid the hassle and at the same time ensure everyone feels recognized and appreciated. 

Aside from helping you find the right products; Andrews also builds complete online portals for your own corporate apparel gifting with our Pop Up Shops. We know how important it is to offer choices that cater to a variety of people, so we've put together some tips to tackle the selective audience as well as a wide variety of sizes and shapes. 

Empower Your Brand Ambassadors: Their Voice Matters 

If your audience is internal, consider running a poll to ensure you’re offering the pieces they truly love and want. You could even go one step further and host a design contest internally for the decoration ideas on the piece. From trendy t-shirts to cozy hoodies and stylish caps, their preferences will shape the final selection all while building culture and engagement in your fleet of brand ambassadors.

If your audience is external don’t fret! Our Pop Up technology allows you to offer a selection of items to choose from, all while collecting color and size preferences. 

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Custom Company Clothing and Apparel Options to Select the Right Gift for Everyone

What products will work? Select product options that cater to different tastes and styles. For brand name enthusiasts, options that have bold designs are perfect for showing off their love for the company. On the other hand, some people prefer a more subtle approach - have apparel options with discreet branding that's just as awesome.

Find the Perfect Fit in Our Online Pop Up Shops

Worried about finding the right size? Fear not! We'll be sure to include comprehensive size charts in your Pop Up Shop, making it super easy to find the perfect fit. No more guessing games - we've got you covered!

Colors to Suit Their Style

Everyone has their favorite colors, and we want your clients to feel fantastic. With our pop-up shops, we provide the flexibility to offer a range of color options, allowing your target audience to discover what best complements their individual style. 

Build Confidence

For those of you who like trying before buying, chances are your clients do too! If you have an upcoming event, why not take this opportunity to have sizing samples on site. Trying on the apparel will give them the comfort they need when picking their piece and have them anticipating your gift's arrival. 

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Premium Quality with Brand Name Clothing

Quality matters to us, and we know it matters to you too. If the budget allows, we have trending brand names for that premium quality feel to your corporate apparel gift

Special Touches and Packaging

It’s important to make every piece feel like a present. Consider including an insert card with a heartfelt message to accompany your gift, and you have to present the gift somehow, consider adding unique packaging to make your recipient smile. Presentation matters.

Stay in Touch

The engagement doesn't end with the receipt of their gift. As a final touch, we encourage you to reach out to your audience after they’ve received their package (so, it’s a good idea to keep up with tracking numbers). It gives you an excuse to reach out and connect, see what’s going on in their world, and share the excitement about their gift. Our goal is to help you build brand ambassadors, a community where your audience feels recognized and appreciated.

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There you have it – a quick rundown of how Andrews Pop Up Shops can work for any gifting need - in fact, our Pop Ups aren’t limited to apparel, consider expanding your gifting offer to include the latest in sustainable backpacks, a retail brand drinkware piece, or some of the latest in technology … just to name a few.  

We're here to make ordering the creation and ordering of custom apparel easy, with solutions tailored to you and your audience. 



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