What Makes for a Good Corporate Gift?

  • Sep 13, 2023

Andrews explores how corporate gifting has evolved into a sophisticated art form in the modern business world with corporate and branded gift ideas that matter.

Corporate gifting has come a long way from its humble origins as a simple commemorative button. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated art form, where customized pieces are meticulously designed to weave a narrative and leave a lasting imprint on the minds of their recipients. At Andrews, we understand the importance of corporate gifting and believe that the best corporate gifts should tick several essential boxes. In this blog, we will delve into what makes a corporate gift truly exceptional and how you can make it more personal and relevant to your recipients. 

Perceived Value of the Business Gift

One of the primary considerations when selecting a corporate gift is its perceived value. A gift should hold relevance or show exceptional quality in the eyes of the recipient. While a simple pen can serve its purpose, it may not always convey the level of appreciation and value you intend. Consider gifts that resonate with your client's interests, preferences, or needs. By thoughtfully selecting a gift, you are able to demonstrate to your clients that you value their business by showing you've put time and effort into getting to know them. This ultimately fosters a stronger connection between your brand and your client. 

Beyond Another Company Logo and Brand Color

Corporate gifts should extend far beyond the simple act of showcasing your company's logo and brand colors. They should tell a story, one that reflects your brand's values, products, and objectives. Use gifts as a medium to communicate the essence of your brand. For example, if your company promotes sustainability, opt for eco-friendly gifts that align with your values. By incorporating your brand's story into the gift, you create a memorable experience for the recipient, that then further enhances their understanding of your business. That’s a win-win in our book!

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Significance of Long-Lasting Gifts

You want your gift to leave a lasting impression - no matter what it is. The corporate gift you choose should have the power to endure long after it's received. Ask yourself whether the gift will find a place in the recipient's life or workspace. To establish longevity, consider the practicality and usefulness of the gift. Personalize it to cater to the individual preferences or needs of the recipient. When a gift becomes an integral part of your client's routine, it serves as a constant reminder of your brand's thoughtfulness and appreciation. 

Thoughtfulness in Gift-Giving

Think about how the gift can cater to the specific needs or interests of your client. Personalization is a powerful tool here. Consider adding a personal touch, such as their name, a meaningful message, or even a tailored gift selection based on their preferences. This level of consideration not only shows your appreciation but also highlights your commitment to making a genuine connection. 

Presentation Matters

The presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself. Think about how you'll present it to create excitement and enhance its perceived value. Whether you're shipping the gift or presenting it in person, the packaging plays a crucial role. High-quality, customized packaging can elevate the overall experience and leave a lasting impression.

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Make Your Corporate Gift Personal

To make the gift more personal and relevant to your client, consider what else you can include in the presentation. Perhaps you can include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude or a small insert that explains the significance of the gift and its tie-in to your brand's values. These additional touches demonstrate your dedication to forging a meaningful connection.

Corporate gifting has evolved into an art form that requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness. The best corporate gifts are those that carry a perceived value, tell a story, have longevity, reflect thoughtfulness, and are presented in an appealing manner. By sticking to these principles, you can create corporate gifts that not only leave a lasting impression but also strengthen the bond between your brand and the important people that make your organization so special: the clients. In today's competitive business world, the art of corporate gifting can set your company apart and make a significant impact.


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